Tyson Kelly – ‘Girl You’re So Money’

As the opening notes wobble and judder like a carousel slowly grinding its gears into motion, Tyson Kelly’s psychedelic debut single delivers a dissonant familiarity that teases funfair-fuelled summer nostalgia.

Taking each beat in its stride, the track emanates an effortless cool. The Los Angeles born artist washes sultry vocals over warped and wavering synthesisers, lathering additional layers of polish to an already slick paintwork.

Twinkling synths steadily drift around the infectious melody line, and hurdy-gurdy tones bend into and out of tune – all the while oozing reminders of longer days and warmer nights. Kelly’s seductive falsettos flutter alongside delicate harmonies, though they’re never uncertain. The song’s lyrical content concerns the topics of lust and desire, but with the additional worry of trying to “play your cards right” – a concern which is in no way reflected, but instead dismissed by the track’s smooth, confident swagger. The laid-back tempo only supports the single’s confident tone. A far cry from his previous Lennon-tribute pursuit, Kelly demonstrates maturity and individuality – breathing life into a glorious psych-pop summer soundscape.

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