Support For Cliff Richard From Punk Community!

Declaring him “the original punk”, controversial Punk group Wartoad have just covered Sir Cliff Richard’s first hit, ‘Move It’ to support him following his battle with the BBC and to reinstate his position as the king of rock n roll.

The release of the cover is timed impeccably to coincide with the 60th anniversary of its original release, a new album and a UK tour from the man himself.

Supergroup, Wartoad is made up of members who have played with the likes of Neil Young, Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters. The video for Wartoad’s cover is kicking up a storm and has already picked up over 750K views.

Wartoad’s fans have coming out in support of Cliff with quotes from the comments section of the video such as:

“Move It is just one of the best rock n roll records EVER’ and ‘The BBC had treated Cliff terribly, he’s a legend!”

“The time is now to celebrate one of the most inspirational music artists in modern music,” says Butch Dante, rhythm guitarist with Wartoad. “From The Beatles to Motorhead, we’ve all looked to Cliff and now it’s time to repay the debt of gratitude. Plus, our video has Susan Hampshire in it. And she’s totally hot.”

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