Mary Bue – ‘The Shit I Left In Duluth’

Mary Bue was originally from Princeton Minnesota, and is now based in Minneapolis. She’s been in the music business for nearly twenty years and finds creativity in the dark aspects of life, through which she’s able to come up with a melancholy vibe, while at the same time not becoming too cynical. Mary’s latest track, ‘The Shit I Left In Duluth’, is her latest release.

Mary Bue grew up singing in church, and while in high school took every opportunity she was given to get involved in music, such as choir and band. She started performing her own work at 17, and released her first record in 2000. Mary’s sound combines elements of 90s grunge with electronic, indie, grim, and pop. Mary has released six full albums, as well as EPs and other projects. The singer also owns a yoga studio where she teaches about mindfulness.

The video for ‘The Shit I Left In Duluth’ came about as a dare: her friends were sitting in a bar and decided to challenge themselves to write a song which included the phrase in the lyrics. Sadly for Mary the song became a self-fulfilling prophecy when she and her husband divorced after the track was produced. The video, directed by Jon Hain, highlights the underlying dark themes while adding a nostalgic yet dreamy vision; it showcases how Mary feels – that she feels like she’s in the clouds. Transitioning between different shots of Mary performing, driving, and running in a field, the clip closes with her gazing into the sky as the background envelops her.

Find out more about Mary Bue online on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Tumblr, and YouTube, as well as her official website.

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