deedz – ‘Birdz Of A Feather’

Birdz of a feather flock together – and in this case, the track from deedz flocks together with his previous release, ‘Love Letterz’ to form the ‘Love Letterz pt 1’ EP, along with a third track, ‘Serpent Spellz’.

All tracks are written and produced by Abhi Malhotra, aka deedz, who takes the sounds of his native India and mixes them with borrowed rhythms from other genres. In this case, he’s combined Baile Funk from Rio De Janeiro, a strong brass instrument based sound, which itself has been derived from Miami bass and gangsta rap music – with Trap. The result is a deep bass sound highlighted by trumpets and other brass instruments, as well as drums and percussive elements.

You can find out more about deedz online on his Facebook account, and his official website. ‘Birdz Of A Feather’ is available as a free download here.

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