Are Jedward Going To Sing For The UK At 2019 Eurovision?

Could Jedward represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019? They’re certainly open to it, if a video uploaded by Spanish Eurovision fan José Ángel Leñero is to be believed.

In the video, published to José’s YouTube channel on Friday, he mentions, while speaking of the Dublin twins, that:

“The twins who represented Ireland in 2011 and 2012 are open to represent the United Kingdom in 2019.”

It’s not so far fetched an idea as it might seem. Jedward finished 8th and 19th respectively in both their turns at the Eurovision Song Contest, which saw its broadcast reach into China and the United States this year. Both times saw Jedward finish ahead of the United Kingdom. Blue, singing in 2011, finished in 11th place, while the legendary Engelbert Humperdinck took up the mantle in 2012, and finished 25th. The UK hasn’t finished in the top 10 since Jade Ewen sang in 2009.

Jedward are still the highest ranking Irish contestants since Eamonn Toal came 6th in 2000, meaning there’s not been anyone from their country better their result this century. In fact, Ireland have only qualified for the final twice since Jedward sang, in 2013 (finishing in last place) and this year, in 16th.

The Irish twins, real names John and Edward Grimes, are prolific songwriters, and are in touch with what goes into making a great song. It remains to be seen if Jedward actually do throw their hat in the ring for the UK, but if they do, and both they and their song are chosen, it could mean the UK might finally return to the left side of the Eurovision scoreboard.

Watch José’s video below:


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