Sinitta ‘Shines With Pride’ With New Single

It’s Pride Month so what better than for Sinitta – the Godmother of Pride – to release a new single! ‘Shine With Pride’ is the first track from her eagerly anticipated new album, her first since the 1990s.

‘Shine With Pride’ will be released this Friday, 22 June, through Avenoir Records. Sinitta has written and recorded a series of original songs, allowing her to express the highs and lows of her life to date. Never fear however – the fun is still there. She now feels it’s her time, and is taking the chance to express how she feels, and who she really is – in her words,

“being a fighter with no courage but my faith and praying for love and fun forever”.

The album is set to touch on many of Sinitta’s life experiences, including growing up as part of an ethnic minority in a segregated music and television industry, being female and vulnerable but with attitude, as a straight ally within the LGBT community, as a pastor in the Hillsong Church, a hopeless romantic and above all a mother.

‘Shine With Pride’ is a total dance floor anthem, and specifically highlights Sinitta’s mission to bring equality and awareness to the LGBT community, with whom she has a longstanding relationship, and is an ambassador. She’s even been given the honorary title of “Godmother Of Pride”. Even better, Pride in London have teamed up with Avenoir and Sinitta to officially name ‘Shine With Pride’ their anthem for this year’s celebrations!

‘Shine With Pride’ is the first in a series of songs to be released in line with the anticipated publication of, ‘Who Put The Sin In Sinitta?’, her video book – aka “Vook”, which will be presented in conjunction with a major leading publisher, later this year.

You can pre-order ‘Shine With Pride’ from iTunes. Find Sinitta online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and her official website.

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