Seasonal Beast – ‘I Can Make You Disappear’

Seasonal Beast, from New York, make an elephant disappear in the video for their latest track, ‘I Can Make You Disappear’. The magic doesn’t stop there – the track is a laid back dreamscape with gorgeous vocals and superb instrumentation.

With a video featuring dancer Tiffany Ogburn, we’re treated to a visual exprience as well as an aural one. Hazy scenes in Ogburn’s bedroom, giving way to street shots, where she’s confronted by the elephant. Later there’s three elephants…and then there’s one in her room. Is they really there? We’ll never know. Directed by Yuval Semo, who is a filmmaker and scorer as well as the synth player and songwriter for Seasonal Beast, the clip for ‘I Can Make You Disappear’ is full of as many secrets as there are beautiful scenes.

‘I Can Make You Disappear’ features the gossamer vocals of Yula Beeri, who is also known as the founder and main force behind Brooklyn band, Yula & The Extended Family. Semo and Beeri, as well as a full rhythm section which plays with the listener’s empathy and sensitivity.
‘I Can Make You Disappear’ is the opening song from ‘Muscle Memory’, Seasonal Beast’s debut album, released late last year. You can find out more about Seasonal Beast online on their Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud accounts.
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