Peppermint Heaven – ‘Lessons In Love’

Peppermint Heaven return with ‘Lessons In Love’, the first track from their highly anticipated third album, ‘Perfect Things’, set for release in the autumn.

Peppermint Heaven fall back on their tried and true sound, a unique take on the 80s sound. Lots of electropop and upbeat vibes underpinning Juno and Spark’s vocals, listing off a sequence of “lessons” in love. Fans of 80s sound will feel nostalgic at their sound – there’s a lot of “is that…” “that sounds like…” when listening to ‘Lessons In Love’; you’ll be wondering how it’s possible this sound is from a contemporary LA duo, rather than a UK act from the 1980s.

Peppermint Heaven’s debut, ‘Precious Things’, named for a line in ‘The Queen Is Dead’ by The Smiths, was released in 2016, and the follow up, ‘Curious Things’, came out last year.  They’ve had some success in the UK, and have over the years teamed up with some of the most cutting edge remixers, including Revaux, Chords, Lynx, and Oscuro.
Last year also saw the release of their EP, ‘Stranger Than Fiction’, which saw them expand into drum and bass music. The record spawned remixes by Chords, and Lynx.
‘Lessons In Love’ is out now.

You can find Peppermint Heaven online on Twitter, Facebook and their website.

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