Man Made Time – ‘Fool’

Los Angeles duo Man Made Time are comprised of Albert Babanian and Hillary Grace. Their sound is one which takes the rich musical history of LA and to which they’ve added their own twist. ‘Fool’ is their latst single, an imminently danceable track which will feel familar to the listener, while at the same time being completely new.

‘Fool’ takes dazzling synths and propulsive beats, and blends them with Grace’s sublime vocals. The track teeters between full pop and EDM, and the chorus is both captivating and magical.
The video for ‘Fool’ is directed by Margos Margossian, and matches perfectly the already intense sonic aesthetic. Grace and Babanian have felt fools at different times in their lives – in romantic relationships, as part of the music industry, and countless other situations. ‘Fool’ is adaptable to whatever the listener’s situation may be: it’s about being a fool to someone, or something, and everyone will find something to relate to.
Find out more about Man Made Time online on their official website.
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