Just Loud – ‘Electrified’

Just Loud harnesses influences from MGMT, and Foster The People, as well as electro-pop visuals, and hair like The Weeknd. Not only that, he can sing damned well.

Quite apart from the above, Producer Dave “Sluggo” Katz described working with Just Loud as “sometimes I’d feel Bowie, sometimes I’d feel Gnarls Barkley – I was using sound and music, not just one particular artist.” Basically Just Loud is the epitome of indie, and brings a new energy to the genre.

‘Electrified’, the debut single from the New York City artist, was released on May 18, and has received critical acclaim. Just Loud found comfort in self expression, and uses music to share his struggles.
The music video for ‘Electrified’ is inspired by Just Loud’s musical journey, and shows what he’s really about. Directed by MAX, as well as Ben Guzman, it starts in the woods, before moving to the club. He tries to find himself in the woods, but fails; still with his internal struggle in the club, and surrounded by people, he’s still feeling a sense of confusion. Electric visuals blind him, and in the end we’re left unclear as to what happens next for the singer: the jaunty dance track belies a deep, sobering message.
Find more about Just Loud online on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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