Demetrius N Vince – ‘Good Soul’

Demetrius N Vince is a guitar duo from Chicago, Illinois, who met at an open mic event in 2016. ‘Good Soul’ is from their album, ‘Americana Soul’, released in 2017.

Demetrius has a background as a singer/songwriter, producer, and DJ, while Vince is also a songwriter, and plays guitar. When the pair met they realised they could combine forces and create a sound which was unique to them, and they named it “Americana Soul” – not just a new sound, but a new genre which was exclusive to them. Their sound is a combination of all styles of American music, blended with soulful vocals, and bluesy guitar.

‘Good Soul’ is about being a good person, right inside where it counts. The “bad” might rise up – ‘I’m a good soul and I do bad things/I’m a good soul and it don’t mean a thing’ – but essentially you’re a good soul. They stress that people choose to remember the bad moments, but you need to focus on the choices that will allow you to live your life in the light, and live with your own choices and decisions.

The track has a lot of soul and reggae elements to it, combined with the blues guitar, and rhyming which comes close to hip hop. It’s a very positive, and encouraging track which will have you hitting replay.

Find out more about Demitrius N Vince online on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and official website. ‘Good Soul’ is available as a free download here.

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