Your Persona – ‘Hate Is A Strong Word’

New Jersey natives Your Persona are a post-hardcore quartet, comprising friends who got together as a bit of fun, back in 2008. The group released their first official tracks between 2013 and 2015, the EPs ‘So Easy’, and ‘Metatastic’. Life seemed to be going only up, when lead singer and main songwriter Matt Campione was diagnosed with cancer. Fighting the illness for two years, he finally won the battle, and the band returned to the scene with their third EP, ‘When In Limbo’, in 2016.

A decade down the track from their humble beginnings, Your Persona take their career up a notch with their new single, ‘Hate Is A Strong Word’. Produced by emo legend Ace Enders, from The Early November, at his studio in South Jersey, The Lumberyard, ‘Hate’ blends hook heavy pop punk elements with crushing breakdowns and soaring vocals. It’s partnered with a stunner of a music video, the perfect illustration of how strong the “H-word” can be. The clip includes fist fights, crowbars, and flames – making this cinematically glorious (and sometimes gory) video a sobering story of why you should hold your tongue – hate holds a stronger power than we sometimes realise.

Find out more about Your Persona on their Facebook page, and Bandcamp.

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