THE AZN SEN$ATION – ‘Suprememan’

Entrepreneur and social influencer Jaye Foo (aka jayefunk) is becoming well known as a hip-hop artist performing under the name THE AZN SEN$ATION, playing shows to thousands at a time in Singapore, Japan, and Korea, as well as the US and U.K.

‘Suprememan’, released on March 30, highlights his interest in fashion, and is a brilliant example of his musical diversity, being a complete departure from his previous work as half of the Singapore-based folk-rock duo The Glad Stones.

The accompanying video for ‘Suprememan’ is shot in a way to give the impression of being recorded on video tape, with 90s scratch effects and bright colours. His hip-hop stylings are machine gun erratic and fun, and should appeal to fans of a cross section of musical genres, including rap and K-pop.

Find THE AZN SEN$ATION on his Instagram account.

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