Matías Malagardis Releases Debut Single ‘Forget’

In the last three months, Britain has seen snow, sun, downpours and dryness. The weather has been, at the best of times, unpredictable. If only there was a way that t-shirt season could be guaranteed. Well, there just might be.

Madrid-born singer-songwriter Matías Malagardis, 19, introduces us to his ray-chasing day-dream of a debut single, ‘Forget’.

Malagardis cites Ben Howard, Jack Johnson and Novo Amor as influences, and their presence can be heard in his first single. The song stirs soothing, bedroom-folk sounds with acoustic surfer-songwriter stylings, and serves up something a little bit special. The record lazily ebbs and flows with delicately picked guitar layering over sauntering percussion. Its overwhelmingly laid-back nature quickly forces you to forget the definition of the term ‘deadline’, and instead transports you to a sun-doused south-coast shoreline.

Now residing in Brighton, where the single was recorded, Malagardis is the first to admit the effect his love for surf-culture has had on his music. ‘Forget’ echoes the rhythmic tranquility the sea transmits, whilst telling a therapeutic tale of movement and emotional recuperation.

‘Forget’ signals a successful and impressive entry into the industry for Malagardis. The song showcases a capability and maturity that belie his youthful years. This artist should not be seen as an exciting prospect for the future, but as an accomplished musician in the here and now.

This track is the first single from Malagardis’ debut EP, ‘Winter By The Sea’, which is set to be released in October 2018. But, if this first offering has left you wanting more and wanting it soon, don’t fret. The singer-songwriter plans to release his second single, ‘My Kind Of Blue’, in June.

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