Antherius – ‘Classical Gas’ (Gasoline Version)

Fifty years ago Mason Williams released ‘Classical Gas’, an instrumental piece which at the time was enormously popular, won three Grammy awards in 1969, and has since spawned countless covers, licenced by news programmes, ads, and used on the soundtrack of many films and TV shows.

Now Texas multi-instrumentalist Antherius has paired his recently released single, ‘Classical Gas’ (the Victory Remix)  with this new music video entitled ‘Classical Gas’ (Gasoline Version). The clip features vintage footage of cars, highways, rigs, tankers, and the infrastructure of the petrol industry. In short – it’s literally classical gas, and very appropriate for someone from Greater Houston.

Antherius has been seeking the perfect mix of ‘Classical Gas’ and feels he’s made it with the ‘Gasoline Version’. He doesn’t appear in the video but from the pieces he’s put together it’s clear we’re seeing his memories of the Texas oil industry. This version of ‘Classical Gas’ is also classically and unmistakably American as it moves from black and white clips through to shots of Nixon, right through to the modern era, ending on an oil pump at sunset.

Find out more about Antherius and ‘Classical Gas’ from his official website.

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