Rising South London Pop-Star Georgie Keller On His Influences, Evolution And More

Singer-songwriter Georgie Keller has recently released his latest single ‘Rings’ ft Kendall Wagner via Mad Records, after last year’s successful single ‘Buzz’.

The rising pop star, from South London, talks to us about his musical evolution since his debut, reveals a major career highlight and more.

What is the inspiration behind your single ‘Rings‘?

It’s basically a scenario where someone is on a really deep level in their relationship with someone, possibly a partner. It’s based in the early stages of a relationship, where they are all over each other. In the song, it’s just about one evening, they are enjoying each other’s company but not thinking of anything deeper in terms of their relationship.

Is it based on personal experiences or have you taken many creative liberties with the song?

The scenario isn’t just about me. I co-wrote the song with four other people, so it’s based on all our perceptions and experiences of a relationship. We were all bouncing ideas off each other.

How would you describe your sound? Has it evolved over time?

Pop/hip-hop, electronic fusion, with some acoustics element in there as well, like in my debut single.

It’s definitely evolved. When I first started writing it was just an acoustic guitar and vocals. But now in the studio, I’ve started putting more stuff into my songs. Every song I write my sound is evolving and moving in what I think is a good direction. In a surer direction.

Is there anything particular that inspires that evolution?

Nothing particular, I always want to better myself in terms of song-writing and production. Each time I do it, I want to be better, and learn from previous mistakes. It’s just a drive of wanting to do better.

Who are the artists that influence you?

Sound-wise people like Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber. I’m a huge fan of Ed Sheeran’s songwriting, as is everyone else in the world! These three mainly.

What’s been a major career highlight for you? What’s next for you?

I was very lucky to feature on German artist Dhali’s track ‘All On Me’ last year. We got to go to New York to film the music video. I’ve never done anything like that before, it was amazing. It reached half a million streams on Spotify. That was definitely a highlight.

Next, just going to be releasing lots of music, and getting people to latch onto my stuff. Just keep writing and moving forward. 

Name the song from your personal playlist that you’ve had on repeat? Why has it been stuck in your head?

Hangman’, by Dave. I’m a big fan of his and this song is really good. Lyrically the song is really interesting. The way he is uses words, is great. And the production is really simple, yet cool, especially for a UK rapper. He’s up and coming as well, so I like him.

Check out ‘Rings’ ft. Kendall Wagner below:

Listen to Georgie’s music on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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