GV – ‘Lil Min’

Brooklyn hip hop artist GV follows up his earlier singles, ‘Exhale’, ‘Another Hit’, and ‘Tunnelz’ with his new release, ‘Lil Min’.

GV, whose name is short for “God’s Voice”, is seeing plenty of radio play with ‘Lil Min’, from Brooklyn, to New Jersey, all the way to Florida. He’s seen his career skyrocket since the release of ‘Tunnelz’ late last year, and the new track tells the story of a frustrated artist, caught in a thankless cycle of working for years with no end. He takes his fate into his own hands, and each line of the track is spat out in ferocity.

The music video has been created with the help of GV’s long time collaborators, A1 Vision Productions. In the clip we see GV and his crew loading up in the car, driving over to the radio station, and after busting in, putting their own music in the system. Their’s a twist however. They’re in and out in next to no time, but aren’t fast enough, and are caught by security.

Find more about GV online from his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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