Fieldcrest Release The Single ‘Just Breathe’ From Their Debut EP, ‘Meadowlark’

Alt-rock band Fieldcrest have delivered an impressive first single, ‘Just Breathe’, taken from their EP, ‘Meadowlark’.

Fieldcrest did not come about conventionally as a band. Instead, the band members (Jena and Will) met by complete chance.

Both band members struggled to escape the restraints and limitations of living in a small town. So, unaware of each other’s existence, they took their work and passion to the online music community. It was here that Will started to search for a singer to bring his audible vision to fruition.

Following a flurry of unsuccessful applicants, he stumbled across lyricist and vocalist Jena. The pair exchanged a steady stream of emails and ideas, slowly shaping a series of songs that eventually became their EP, ‘Meadowlark‘.

The record balances Will’s atmospheric guitar work and powerful percussion with Jena’s strong yet vulnerable vocals. The instrumental aggression beautifully blends with the melodic nature of Jena’s voice, creating an effect reminiscent of Paramore’s early work.

The duo’s belief in their work is evident. Each note is packed with an unbridled passion that speakers struggle to contain. It’s fortunate they took their music to an online audience, as the sheer size of their sound surely exceeds that of their small-town homelands.

Fieldcrest came into existence by coincidence, and judging by their debut record, it was certainly a happy one.

Find Fieldcrest online on Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.

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