Desert Mountain Tribe – ‘Wide Eyes’

Indie-rock trio Desert Mountain Tribe release ‘Wide Eyes’, the debut single from their upcoming second album, ‘Om Parvat Mystery’.

A quick bit of research revealed that Om Parvat is a sacred mountain in the Himalayan mountain range. A quick listen to their latest single revealed it to be an impressive, smoothly produced start to a second album that can’t come soon enough.

So, two things are certain. These guys like mountains, this fact isn’t up for debate. However, they also come together to create one of the most captivating psychedelic rock sounds of recent times.

Throbbing guitars, plenty of reverb and a relentlessly rolling bass hook give the song a nostalgic sound. The track, complimented by a beautiful and gloriously grainy music video, looks back to the psych-rock sounds of the 1990s. Yet, it doesn’t dwell on the thought, adding a new purpose to the genre. The song is faster and more urgent than its predecessors in the genre, achieving a sense of movement with a trekking percussive beat provided by the band’s latest acquisition, drummer Frank van der Ploeg.

The band prove that they’re a class act, and one to watch as this song is surely a sign of things to come. Desert Mountain Tribe’s second album is set for release on June 1 this year and, if the moody but moreish sounds exhibited in ‘Wide Eyes‘ is anything to go by, its sure to be something special.

Find out more about Desert Mountain Tribe on their official website.

Desert Mountain Tribe will be launching their album, ‘Om Parvat Mystery’, on May 30 at The Lexington, London. Tickets and gig information can be found here.


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