Alex Sparrow – ‘She’s Crazy But She’s Mine’, ‘Got Me Good’ And ‘Again And Again’

Alex Sparrow was born in Russia and raised in Austrian aristocracy. He’s a singer, actor, mult-instrumentalist, dancer, director, and screenwriter. In his home country he’s been on The Bachelor, won Dancing With The Stars, and represented Russia in 2011 at the Eurovision Song Contest. In other words, he’s a star.

Now he’s taken his talent to the US, where he’s been in the popular TV show, ‘UnREAL’, on the Lifetime Channel. If his success in Europe is anything to go by, Alex should have no problems winning the hearts of those in the States.

The video for ‘She’s Crazy But She’s Mine’ is shot and edited as crisply as any Hollywood movie. Alex is set in the role of a prankster, in a duel with his girlfriend. The clip has so far has had over 600 million hits on Facebook and more than 300 million on YouTube.

Alex follows up ‘She’s Crazy’ with two more videos. ‘Got Me Good’ follows on two children, starting out feuding in primary school, and continuing it throughout high school:

‘Again And Again’ sees the danger level taken up a notch with the lovers trading stunts: Mr & Mrs Smith style. In the end, the pair end up in traction:

Find out more about Alex Sparrow from his social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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