‘It’s Always a Perfect Journey’ – Gianni Paci

Simple tune, poignant lyrics and nostalgia.

‘It’s Always a Perfect Journey’ is catchy, infectious and beat driven. The title hints at optimism, of a perfect life, but the truth is far more poignant. ‘It’s Always a Perfect Journey’ was inspired by something a close friend told him just days before passing away. When you watch the video that accompanies the song, a young Gianni appears, dressed as Danny Zuko from his school production of ‘Grease’. We never get to see the adult Gianni’s face, only body shots or shots from the rear, and this hints that the young Gianni, a sort of lemon juice for the soul, is the embodiment of that ‘anything is possible’ spirit that the title suggests, but at the same time, the older Gianni know that the journey is far from perfect.

Laced with melancholy, the song plays on the fact that at first, it seems really simple; just one man, a guitar and drums, occasionally breaking up the tune with a smattering of keyboard. It may take a couple of listens to appreciate the craft of the song here, but I guarantee that you will tap your feet by the time the penny drops.

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