El’tee Is On Fleek With Music Career And Debut EP ‘No.1 Contender’

It’s been a whirlwind for El’tee, who went from singing on the streets of London to the stage of the Wembley Arena in the space of 12 months.

Real name Luke Thompson, El’tee is the son of Tony T, a member of 90s group Benz. Music and singing have always been a part of El’tee’s life, and he was introduced to professional recording at the tender age of 13. It was last year however that he threw himself into music in earnest, and spent the first year of his music career performing at gigs and showcases around London and South East England, and made it through to Bootcamp in the 2017 season of X Factor.

In the early stages of last year’s series it had been announced that they were looking for original songwriters, with the hope of attracting viewers and a younger demographic. With that in mind, El’tee auditioned, and stuck to his beliefs and musical background by insisting on performing only original songs during his entire X Factor experience. This included his initial room audition, where he brought Nicole Scherzinger to tears, singing his song ‘Good And Bad’, and causing her to proclaim, “This guy is going to sell millions of records”. The performance gained him four nods, and enabled his entry to Bootcamp. His penultimate X Factor appearance saw him perform at Wembley Arena in front of an audience of 4000 – mindblowing for someone just starting out on his musical journey.

Not daunted by his exit from X Factor, he kept his head high, and continued making waves in Urban circles with his singing and raps, the lyrics of which are unusual in that genre, in that they are positive towards his female peers.

El’tee’s perseverance is certainly paying off: he won the prestigious London Lifestyles Award for best street performer of 2017. He’s seen considerable praise from the likes of ROMANS of Roc Nation, who said, “Great voice, cool sound, I have to hear more”, and “Send me more!” from Luke McGrellis (Vice-President Creative – Universal Records).

El’tee released his four song debut EP, ‘No.1 Contender‘ in late 2017. The upbeat album is a fantastic showcase of how far the young singer’s vocals have come, and is an exciting preview of what is still in store from this young artist.

You can find El’tee online on his official website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. ‘No. 1 Contender’ is available to stream and download from iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Spotify.

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