Deleo – ‘Cosmic’ and ‘Game Lover’

Indie-rock duo, Deleo, present their latest releases, ‘Cosmic’, and ‘Game Lover’. The band is made up of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Denis Navarro, (identified through his pseudonym, Later) and singer Eléonore, and are currently based in Montpellier, France.

‘Game Lover’, the gentler of the two releases, sways into life with delicate, lullaby-like picked guitar patterns provided by Later. Eléonore then introduces her unique voice, doing justice to the track’s heartfelt lyrics by providing an equally emotive and impressive vocal performance.

The song rocks back and forth. Eléonore’s voice and the accompanying guitar tactfully building and lilting, stabbing and subsiding as they toy with the track’s repeated question and theme, “Is it love?” It is a beautifully told story of indecision that soothes and unsettles in equal measure.

Alternatively, ‘Cosmic’ has a far more brooding sound. The song’s speeding percussive heartbeat and subtle, chanted backdrop combined with Eléonore’s now haunting voice create a hurried, sinister feel. ‘Cosmic’, as the name signifies, has a far larger sound than its companion, showcasing Later’s talents as a multi-instrumentalist. The eclectic chiming of electric guitars builds the song into a thrilling, threatening chase as it snowballs towards an open-ended conclusion.

There is no denying that both pieces are the works of a talented group of musicians rooted firmly in the future. The tracks’ experimentation with alternative time, inventive chord changes and unanswered questions prove more than enough to leave listeners eagerly awaiting their next release.

You can find more about Deleo online from their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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