Nadia Kazmi – ‘Like A Cat’

Nadia Kazmi’s music has been described as pulsing and melodic, with her lyrics based on personal experience; like letters from a friend they’re reassuring, insightful, and easy to cherish. Her latest single, ‘Like A Cat’ is both autobiographical and metaphorical and encourage the listener to contemplate, while revisiting again in their head.

‘Like A Cat’ finds its inspiration from the likes of Leonard Cohen, Patty Smith, and Bob Dylan, and reflects a mature lyricism and musicality akin to indie artists such as Arcade Fire. Opening with drum beats announcing Nadia’s haunting baritone voice, the track is the third single from her ‘Gold Into Dust’ album, released in 2017. The melody is dark and droning, engulfing the words the verse, while setting up for the chorus, which is met with piano, electric guitars, and strong rich harmonies. With lines such as ‘Been sleeping like a cat in the afternoon with my belly up to the sky” and “Must be the booze and the drugs and the heartache I can’t seem to shake”, Nadia mixes together an eclectic blend of mesmerising and intriguing songwriting.

The video for ‘Like A Cat’ opens with Nadia lit only by deep blues and reds reflecting the mood of the song. There’s a chiaroscuro quality with the setting flashing back and forth between darkness and light, while Nadia is haunted by the same thoughts. The video has been directed by Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel, themselves no strangers to readers of Essentially Pop.

Visit Nadia Kazmi’s official website for further information.

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