‘Mom And Dad’- A Twisted Mix Of Comedy And Horror

What would you do if your parents turned on you? That is the dilemma facing Carly and Josh (played by Anne Winters and Zackary Arthur) in this new thriller, set to dominate our screens in 2018.

Written and directed by Brian Taylor and starring the Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage and his co-star Selma Blair, this gripping film promises to administer a strong dose of tension and suspense to all audiences.

Set in a quiet suburban town, a terrifying 24 hour hunt is taking place. In a world where those who nurtured you and raised you, are the ones you must defend yourself from, where would you turn?

An unidentified disorder has plagued a nation, causing parents to turn violently on their own children. In this peaceful setting and traditional family home, Carly and Josh are in hiding, protecting themselves and each other from the horrifying attempts on their life, by their own flesh and blood.

Winner of the “Audience Favourite” award at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and with critics calling it Nicolas Cage’s “most viciously berserk and entertaining performances of his career”, it is safe to say this will be going on horror lovers list of films to see in 2018.

A twisted combination of horror and comedy that will have audiences shocked, hysterical, shaking with anticipation and asking ourselves – who should we trust?

‘Mom And Dad’, starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair, and written and directed by Brian Taylor, will be in UK Cinemas 9 March 2018.

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