NYA – ‘Mania’

The video for ‘Mania’, the lastest track from singer songwriter Nya, starts with the camera positioned inside the body of an acoustic guitar, with the singer framed by the sound-hole. Symbolically Nya is a bird in a cage, impisoned by circumstances beyond her control, and although she fights back – she can never be entirely free.

At the end of the clip however we come to the realisation for this – the prison is her very own unsettled mind.

‘Mania’ is a much tougher song than Nya’s previous release, ‘Let Go’. It’s pure and raw. It’s intense and dangerous, and although both tracks live side by side on the ‘Mania’ EP, it’s testament to Nya’s talent that she is able to tackle both songs with the same passion.

The video for ‘Mania’, directed by Andrew Morris, is stripped down and raw, while at the same time immediate and provocative. There’s an actual tangible feeling of destabilisation built up around Nya. The imagery of the guitar – its strings like bars; the cold light of distant windows – when she smashes the guitar she wins her freedom.

Find out more about Nya from her offiicial website.

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