Essential Advent Calendar: The Rising – ‘This Special Time Of Year’

The Rising are pleased to announce the release of their special Christmas single ‘This Special Time Of Year’.  Recorded in the band’s native hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland at the bands own Renegade Studios, and also PlethoraTone Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.

In a band full of self-proclaimed Christmas nuts The Rising have launched full steam into writing a Christmas song. Recalling their favourite things about Christmas such as festive lights on the tree, falling snow, Santa, presents, Christmas songs on the radio, through to kisses under the mistletoe. The song features festive instrumentation through the use of sleigh bells, bells and a sing-along chorus. Inspired by their love of the Phil Spector Christmas album ‘A Christmas Gift For You’ the band set about recalling the feeling and wall-of-sound that made that record so special. Something the band plays homage to in the opening bars of the song.

The Rising hope that the song reflects the fun and easy going feeling of this very special time of year and that people young and old can relate to the song. From its sing-a-long chorus through to the image of Christmas conjured up in the lyrics. Also the true meaning of Christmas is touched upon with the birth of a special child who brought hope and light to many people at this very special time of year.

The song marks the end of year of ups and downs for the band. Firstly, the band were lucky enough to achieve a successful Pledge Music campaign, which helped fund their new album ‘Moving On’. This new album is due for release in early 2018.  The album has been delayed extensively due to injuries guitarist Chris Logan sustained in a road traffic incident, which put him out of action for several months. But this brought the band closer together and they set about writing more material and making the best album possible due to the extra time forced upon the band. The band’s lead singer Chantelle McAteer was also nominated as a finalist in the Northern Ireland Young Songwriter Of The Year competition.

‘This Special Time Of Year’ is available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and all other digital retailers.

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