The Dead Daisies – ‘She Always Gets Her Way (All The Same)’

The Dead Daisies could have sat back and had some rest after a year of touring to support their brilliant album, ‘Make Some Noise’, and the equally excellent album, ‘Live & Louder’, but instead they’ve dropped the brand new animated video for the live favourite, ‘She Always Gets Her Way (All The Same)’. Premiered on, fans were both surprised and delighted.

For a band which always delivers top notch graphics and artwork, an animated music video seemed the obvious next step. Calling on director Josh Goodswen and animators Monkeyshine Studios, the Daisies are brought to life with a tale which includes a little bit of love, a whole lot of lust, and of course a very healthy dose of rock and roll. Harking back to the popular Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics series from the early 1990s, each band member is given just the right level of character and signature look. We see David’s Flying V, Brian’s double kick drum, Doug’s low-slung Les Paul, and Marco’s 4-string axe, all coming to life with minimalist perfection. Frontman John Corabi gets the most in-depth treatment, as the pawn to a woman who sets her sights on him. He lays eyes on her and is instantly hooked – while along the way she makes his life almost insufferable, by smashing furniture, running up debt, and even tossing a priceless Hendrix-autographed SG into the pool. Secretly however, he’s completely addicted, and loves every second of it. The chemistry between the pair is enough to show that there’s no losers in this relationship.

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