#Pound’s New Release Goes Off With a ‘B@ng!’

Performing together as #Pound, SMXKE and MC DARKBOI, together with producer SUPAWAVE, have joined forces to release their latest single, ‘B@ng!’, along with a music video.

East London native SMXKE was formerly known as ‘Smokeman’, and started his musical journey at the age of 15, when he teamed up with various grime artists. Running into his college friend DARKBOI, who at 16 also discovered his passion for music, they recorded ‘B@ng!’ with the aim of shaking up the music industry and release lyrical hellfire. The third part of their group, Hackney’s SUPAWAVE, aka ‘The Wave’, stays behind the scenes using the beats as his platform.

The video for ‘B@ng!’ features the members of #Pound along with a girl, and a Mini Cooper car with SMXKE singing the melody and MC DARKBOI spitting out the catchy rhymes.  The song’s focus is on how SMXKE is thought to have shot someone – “they thought that I was the shooter” – but in reality it was the girl – “my ting let the ting go b@ng”.

‘B@ng!’ is the first track from #Pound’s newest EP, which is set for release in early 2018.

Find #Pound online on Twitter and Instagram. ‘B@ng!’ is available to stream on Spotify.

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