GV – ‘Tunnelz”

Brooklyn hip-hop artist GV is a man on a mission. His initials stand for “God’s Voice”, and he means to make a statement with his music, with his two most recent singles, ‘Exhale’, and ‘Another Hit’, coming out of nowhere and knocking people off their feet. His nw single, ‘Tunnelz’, with a compelling music video, seems sure to follow the others, and may well be is breakthrough as the voice of change in hip-hop.

GV enjoyed artistic pursuits growing up, preferring to draw or write in school, and started writing poetry at a young age. With his family, he moved after junior high school first to New Jersey, then to Tampa, Florida. Tampa helped his artistic and mental growth, and after trying out college and deciding that was not the direction he wished to go in, he independently released his music video for ‘Power Of Now’, surprising his parents, who’d previously been unaware of his talents and ambition.

‘Tunnelz’ is heartfelt, and GVs most personal effort so far. A confessional style track, he takes social issues and the day to day life of an artist pursuing their craft, and weaves them seamlessly into the fabric of the song. The crackle of vinyl evokes a feeling of nostalgia for the listener, accompanied by tight drums, fat bass, and light keys. The old skool vibe is meshed with GVs signature futuristic delivery, combining a different, yet memorable sound.

Find more about GV online from his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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