Digital Release Of ‘In The Mix’ By Lompy T

‘In The Mix’ is the latest single from Lompy T, aka Russell Crawley. Self-produced, it’s out 1 December with the artist taking his inspiration from the likes of Calvin Harris, Marshmello, and Aviici.

Lompy T’s musical journey began when the artist was 17 years old, but lack of money for equipment meant he had to put his ambitions on hold. Now 35, he aims to re-start his career now that music production software and social media are much easier to access.

‘In The Mix’ also includes classical influences, particularly piano and other strings, which have been worked into the track, which combined with the simple vocal track, give it an old skool feel, reminiscent of Fatboy Slim.

You can find out more about Lompy T online on his Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud accounts.

Check out ‘In The Mix’ here.

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