Arisen From Nothing – ‘Chaos’

Based in Seattle, Arisen From Nothing catch the listener’s attenion with their lethal brand of metal. The five-piece band is led by Jessie Bringham, with Troy Elmore and Steve Pontius on guitars, Eric Hanson on bass, and Brandon Fuller, who was previously a member of Ghost Town Rebellion, on drums. Arisen From Nothing’s album, ‘Broken’, is released through Montreal label, Collective Wave Records, and they’ve led off with the raw and stirring single, ‘Chaos’.

Begun in 2008, Arisen From Nothing have seen much change, including members, and yet they continue to arise, like the phoenix, for which the band is named, and they say,

“In death or defeat, it experiences a rebirth in fire and rises again, greater than before. We have always been big fans of rising to the next challenge and overcoming obstacles, so it seemed a perfect fit.”

‘Broken’ was released in late September this year, and with first release ‘Chaos’ enters uncharted territory with new band members and their work with Collective Wave Records. The song opens with haunting strings, establishing a profound, and memorable exprience. A heavily distorted riff prepares the listener for the drop, with Bringham’s jaw-dropping scream soaring over the mix. Rhythm riffs enter, and a fist-pumper of a chant of the word “chaos” ramps up the intensity of the track. The video shows off the style of the artists, with old skool editing effects, showing the band’s incredible attention to detail when it comes to delivering their message.

Arisen From Nothing are online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reverbnation.

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