Rock Collective WAY UP Release New Album ‘BIG WAVE’

Scottish rock collective Way Up have released their new album, ‘Big Wave’, on 8 October. The group consists of members of all ages, numbering from 2 to 11, based in Dumfries, South West Scotland.

The album features ten tracks written by Scott Kerr, who founded the collective with his old school friend, Brian Scott. Each song introduces a new topic, covering a variety of political and religious issues, and performed in a quirky rock style. The collective believes strongly in inclusivity through music, and have worked hard to work alongside different communities, in order to raise their profiel through music. Their interests include the likes of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Frank Zappa, but lyrically and vocally they remind us of Lou Reed.
For the release of ‘Big Wave’, Way Up worked with a local LGBT community, with whom they worked to produce a music video to accompany the single, ‘Sally And Lacey’, which tells the story of two women who meet, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after.
‘Big Wave’ is available from iTunes and 7 Digital. You can find out more about Way Up online on Reverbnation, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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