Laust Sonne – ‘Sunday Morning’

Laust Sonne is best known as the drummer for iconic Danish band, D-A-D (Disneyland After Dark), but is also making a name for himself as the singer of hits like ‘Reckless’, and ‘Spell On You’. He’s back with a new song, an emotional soft-pop-ballad, ‘Sunday Morning’, which is bound to be a winner with his many fans around the globe.

‘Sunday Morning’ is an introspective tale of wanting someone more than they want you. The bittersweet push and pull of romance, where one has their heart dragged around, while the other gets exactly what they want and need. Laust sings the chorus with apathy, from the position of the one who caught the feelings:

“I’m nothing but a brick in the wall, I’m nothing but a trick you can call in, I’m just your fix on an early Sunday morning.”

The video for the song romanticises Sonne’s muse, her beauty shining through the screen. She lives freely, going about dancing and doing what she wants, while he is chained to his phone, unable to stop thinking about her. Finally she returns, on her own terms, charming her way back into his arms and heart…and so the cycle continues.

Find Laust Sonne online on SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and his official website. ‘Sunday Morning’ is available on Spotify.

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