Harp Samuels – ‘Fire’ And ‘Secrets’

Harp Samuels’ guitar and feather-light production are the perfect accompaniment to his fragile and passionate, yearning yet comforting voice, which is in turn exquisitely suited to both storytelling and whispered confessions. The Australian-born singer-songwriter has released ‘Fire’, and ‘Secrets’, the first two singles from his upcoming album, ‘Wanting’, and they are both stunning examples of his artistry.

Reminding us of the stripped down records of Bon Iver, and sigur rós, yet not imitating either, the tracks are statements of universal love, and a balm to emotional wounds.

The multitalented Samuels is also a film-maker and visual artist, and made the videos for both tracks. He’s not just a fan of gorgeous music – his love for beauty also transcends into that of the natural world and light, with the videos bathed in sunshine, chasing the light on leaves, wide landscapes, and even the hems of the thin summer dresses of stunning women. His frames are filled with the sheer radiance and warmth as if from a waking dream.

‘Fire’ is an examination of the magic of flames, with Samuels capturing them in the middle of the road, on the end of a candle, in an overturned jar, and in the buds of flowers. The movement of the dancing flames is mirrored in the gentle sway of a woman’s hair, who walks away from the camera.

With ‘Secrets’ he follows dancer Talia Wille across towns, fields, and abandoned buildings, with Wille’s movements echoing the clouds, trees, and even wind turbines along the ridge in the distance. The vibrant colours and rolling countryside of Australia are centre stage in every scene, adding to the beauty and strangeness of the video.

Find out more about Harp Samuels online from his official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.


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