Ben Lorentzen – ‘Lay Down In The Dark’

Back in July we introduced you to Ben Lorentzen with the darkly macabre videos for his songs, ‘Dead Man In The Closet’ and ‘Crows On The Wire’, parts 2 and 3 in a video mini series he’s called, “Pains & Pleasures of Intimacy”. We’re bringing to you today part 1 of that series, ‘Lay Down In The Dark’, which has been released out of sequence, but is no less stirring than the others.

‘Lay Down In The Dark’ focuses on the story of a priest fighting – and presumably giving way to – temptation in the form of a beautiful young woman in his congregation. We first see him smoking, then lusting after the young lady, and then, after giving in, but having no memory of what he’s done, he seeks solace in the bottom of a bottle. The song is equally as chilling as the black and white video: there’s a real haunting quality about Lorentzen’s voice, which reflects his origins in the frigid northern regions of Norway.
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