Swedish/American Duo Flora Cash Explore Fragility Of Relationships In Debut Album

Flora Cash, a Swedish/American couple whose shared passion for music led to collaboration on Soundcloud explore the complexity of relationships with their music.

Flora Cash consisting of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall have released their debut album ‘Nothing Lasts Forever (And it’s Fine)’, via the Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art, with the music video out for the track ‘Roses On Your Dress’.

A song that explores the darker side of love, the video depicts lovers who inhabit two worlds: the modern middle class living outside, and the wealthy aristocracy living inside. The couple only interacts inside the mansion until eventually, the relationship falls apart because money cannot sustain happiness.  But that’s okay because nothing lasts forever (and it’s fine). They have each other and that’s all that really matters.

Talking about this melancholic and lyrical piece, Flora Cash says:

“Roses On Your Dress is a track about individuality, struggling to make a distinctive mark upon the world and the ways in which that struggle affects each of us. It also touches on the challenges of being marginalized; an “outsider” …and the brutality with which different societies, including our own, work to shame and strip us of the uniqueness which contributes to our own inimitable vantage points.”

Besides their stunning debut album, Flora Cash is also involved in a “social network awareness” partnership with major Mexican telecommunications brand called Movistar that spreads  the message “Always Know Who You’re Talking To On Social Networks”

Watch ‘Roses On Your Dress’ below and follow Flora Cash on their official website, Twitter and Sound Cloud.



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