Singer-Songwriting Duo David Will Mitchell and Cole Toury Release Album ‘The Beaten Track’

UK singer songwriters David Will Mitchell and Cole Toury have announced the release of their new album, ‘The Beaten Track’. Containing 13 songs of intimate and laid-back bluesey rock, the album is available now to download and stream.
The duo formed four years ago, through their shared love of melody and music with a meaningful message, but it’s only now they’ve found the time to work on a project they’re truly passionate about. Although they seem an unlikely match – David is in his early 70s and Cole in his early 50s – together with their 20 something female violinist, Jane Charity, they are able to make beautiful music which transcends generations.
Mitchell and Toury cite among their influences Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, and so their album is understandably lyric-strong, painting mind pictures of driving down wide and dusty country roads. ‘The Beaten Track’ therefore stands apart from the rest as an album which speaks to the heart.
You can find ‘The Beaten Track’ online on Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes.

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