Justina Valentine – ‘Deep End’

Justina Valentine is fresh from her Weirdo Tour with Chris Webby and back with a brand new music video, for her latest single, ‘Deep End’.

Justina is a non-stop hardworker, and all this is paying off: in 2016 she tried to sneak into the MTV VMAs to no avail – this year she walked the carpet as an invited guest. Justina is a cast member on Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’, and has toured internationally alongside Mike Stud, and rapper Futuristic. Justina is also supported by her huge online presence, with whom she constantly shares new and creative content, as well as keeping up with her fans.

‘Deep End’ picks up where her previous tracks left off. Whereas ‘Crushin On You’ saw her getting flirtatious, and ‘Sunlight’ embraced the YOLO vibe, living in the moment, ‘Deep End’ does exactly what it says, and shows Justina’s desire to get in that much deeper and closer with her male co-star. Partnering with director Ronald Reid once again, who clearly shares her vision, we see them in the video sitting a opposite ends of the table, in a warehouse, with their eyes closed. Justina sings that he’s,

Got me drownin in your deep end

Are we sink or swim?

Are we sink or swim

The location then shifts to Justina walking down a deserted street, and to a bed on the beach. Musically it’s somewhere between Grime and D’n’B, with gentle interludes where Justina shows just what her voice is capable of.

‘Deep End’ is out now on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and Amazon. Find out more about Justina Valentine from her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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