Depeche Mode Release Anton Corbijn Directed Video For ‘Cover Me’

Depeche Mode have debuted the video for their new track, ‘Cover Me’.

The iconic, multi-platinum selling artists have always placed great emphasis on the quality of their videos, and for ‘Cover Me’ they have turned once again to their longtime creative collaborator, Anton Corbijn. The Dutch photographer and filmmaker is responsible for the videos for U2’s ‘One’, Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, and Coldplay’s ‘Talk’, and ‘Viva la Vida’. He also made the music video for Depeche Mode’s song, ‘Enjoy The Silence’, and has further worked with the band handling their principle promotion and sleeve photography for the past three decades.
The video for ‘Cover Me’ shows a pensive Dave Gahan, dressed as an astronaut, wandering restlessly through a pretty much deserted Los Angeles, save for a few cars and trucks – and then adrift in space. Shot in black and white, making good use of chiaroscuro, the video matches perfectly the mood of the song.

Gahan says,

“A big surprise for me was how ‘Cover Me’ ended up being. I always heard this idea of the song being in two halves. The song is here and then you kind of get in the spaceship and go somewhere else.”
‘Cover Me’ is from Depeche Mode’s new album, ‘Spirit’, which is out now, and available here. Remixes are available from October 6 and can be pre-ordered here.
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