Brooklyn Queen – ‘Emoji’

Although her name might suggest she’s from New York, Brooklyn Queen is actually from Detroit, and was named in honour of Biggie, by her mother, Detroit rapper, Nailnotirious Kim.

Brooklyn Queen is definitely hip hop royalty, and started recording at the age of 8, signing to BMB Entertainment,  one of the top independent labels in the Country, at only 11 years old. She’s also been on stage as a backup dancer for Rob Base, Vanilla Ice, and Salt-N-Pepa, among others. The video for Brooklyn Queen’s previous single, ‘Keke Taught Me’ saw her and her friends turn a quiet night at home into an energetic dance party: now she’s back with her new video for ‘Emoji’, which reminds us of the 80s film, ‘The Breakfast Club’.
Brooklyn Queen’s work ethic and vision is unheard of for a girl her age, and as a result she’s garnered a legion of loyal fans who’ve been with her every step of the way. The video for ‘Emoji’ sees Brooklyn Queen and her friends in detention on a Saturday morning, with the supervisor trying his hardest to knock the fun out of them. Eventually he leaves the room and the crew spill out into the hall, all the while saying how they “don’t need to say a thing, just send me an emoji”. Brooklyn Queen is full of sass with her references to the supervisor having stolen Drake’s wardrobe, and talking back to him while just trying to let him know he has toilet paper on his shoe. It’s lots of fun though, and makes great use of social media as well as emoji symbols decorating everyone’s clothes as well as peppering the lyrics.

‘Emoji’ is available on iTunes and Apple Music here, and you can follow Brooklyn Queen online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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