Ace Harper – ‘Neon Heart’

Ace Harper comes from a dance background and so feels there is a live performance aspect to everything she does. This is no less the case with her writing, which combined with her quirky and colourful music videos, reminds us a great deal of Kate Bush and perhaps Siouxsie And The Banshees, or Toyah Wilcox. Ace’s new single, ‘Neon Heart’, is paired with a slick and colourful, psych and sensual video, which is the perfect match for her upbeat and catchy track.

Ace Harper commands our instant attention with her white blonde hair and matching white suit. She merges music, dance and visuals together, and brings a new rhythm to the music of this century:
“It’s a mixture of a lot of different genres. There’s definitely a punk attitude, but there’s a new fresh electronic undercurrent. There’s no specific category. I want to invite everybody to the party.”
Ace further says, in speaking to Jane Smith Agency, that art “has always saved me” and that her goal “is always to say something that I really care about and to love the song.” Ace is a visual artist however, who also loves fashion, and told Galore,
“I want my show to be a full experience from the songs, to the performance to the fashion. It all tells a story of who I am.”
The video for ‘Neon Heart’ is all about provocative images: the naked female form, cassette tapes, dancers wearing silver/white wigs reflecting Ace herself. Harper stands out against the cornucopia of colours. Neon lights of course are featured, adding to the very retro, even ‘Barbarella’ feel of the clip.
‘Neon Heart’ is out now, with the video directed by ENDS. You can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, and download from iTunes. Find Ace Harper online on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as her official website.



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