Independent Electro Artist Disbander Releases Debut EP ‘Turbo Funky’

Electronic artist Disbander has released his debut EP, ‘Turbo Funky’. Available on Soundcloud, it’s five tracks of industrial, chiptune style electronica.

Disbander is an independent artist, who values his creative control with regard to his approach to sound. He records and produces his tracks himself, so as to not dilute his approach and to preserve his own identity in the music. He nonetheless credits an eclectic range of inspirations, including Mahavishnu Orchestra, Kanye West, and Sly And The Family Stone.
There are no vocals on any of the tracks, it’s just Disbander alone with his instrument. The electronic sounds would be the perfect backing to a futuristic film or TV show.
Find Disbander online on Instagram and Twitter.


  • Thanks for the kind words Lisa. I especially liked the part about ‘being the perfect soundtrack for a futuristic film or tv show’ as that is how I see my music. Great minds eh lol I’ll be in touch about future releases. All the best. d.

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