R-Wan – ‘Sexual Chemistry’ ft. Farah Ash

R-Wan is the DJ of the future, with unforgettable performances in clubs to festivals, and his collaborations, with artists such as Snoop Dogg, and Fatman Scoop, have seen him rise to the top of many a playlist.
His latest track, ‘Sexual Chemistry’, features Farah Ash, and is accompanied by video set in a dystopian landscape where people wear face masks and sex is by way of a chemical process. The main character of the video discovers an illicit sex ring, where people visit a hotel room and have actual physical sex. This experience disturbs her as well, and she runs from the hotel, chased all the while by a mysterious car. Eventually she escapes by stealing a car, and flashes back to the events of the night – before we realise, it’s all been a dream.
The track has an eastern feel to the instrumentation, with Farah Ash’s vocals sultry and evocative. The video is quite dark and cinematic, reminding us of films such as Blade Runner.
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‘Sexual Chemistry’ can be streamed on Spotify.

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