Flaviyake Fights For Women’s Freedom Of Expression With ‘Bad In Bed’

Award-winning LA pop artist Flaviyake released her debut album, ‘Bad In Bed’ on June 8. The artist, who is known for reinventing herself in her music videos, describes the album as being about freedom of expression for women.

With a sound reminiscent of Kate Bush, Robyn, and Björk, Flaviayake has taken her real name, Flavia, and restyled it, adding the ‘Yake’ in honour of Issey Miyake, her favourite fashion designer. Originally from Moldova, Flaviyake has given many performances in London, including Tom Robinson’s BBC6 Music Radio show, as well as written songs for Russian artists.

‘Bad In Bed’ comes after the release of more than ten singles and an EP, and is her first foray into producing, with seven songs fully produced by her.

The concept behind ‘Bad In Bed’ comes from her having read many articles on women’s websites, saying what women should not say to a man about their feelings. The first three songs, ‘So Hard To Say’, ‘Numb In Love’, and title track ‘Bad In Bed’ are an expression of the feelings of fantasies of submissive women, and the latter having a distinct Eastern flavour to the melody.

Flaviyake has a futuristic style, with the electronic instrumentation  further adding to this impression. ‘Living Without The Mirror’ has an appealing “popcorn” sort of sound, while the drum machine on ‘Love Is Blind’ is possibly the most pop of all the tracks on the album.

The artwork for ‘Bad In Bed’ was designed by Alex Knell and Carver Koella, Los Angeles based designers, developed from Flavia’s concept of using the actual title of the album and putting BDSM devices over the letters.

You can find out more about Flaviyake online on her official website, Twitter, and Facebook. Stream ‘Bad In Bed’ on Soundcloud, and download on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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