All-American Rejects Are Back With 2-Track EP ‘Sweat’ & ‘Close Your Eyes’

Best known for their hits, ‘Dirty Little Secret’, and ‘Gives You Hell’, out in 2005 and 2008 respectively, The All-American Rejects are back with a two track EP, featuring the songs ‘Sweat’, and ‘Close Your Eyes’.

The multi-platinum selling rock band have released a short film titled ‘Sweat’ which ties the two tracks together. Shot in Los Angeles, and starring the knife-edge cheekboned lead singer Tyson Ritter, the video is essentially broken into three parts examining themes of being in control of your destiny.
The first part, accompanied by the song, ‘Sweat’, sees Ritter as Betsy, a cross dressing street walker, seemingly at the mercy of her clients. Eventually arrested she manages to escape and we segue into the next song, ‘Close Your Eyes’, where we see Ritter taking his makeup off (and picking at the varnish on his nails) and transforming into his daytime persona: Robert – a rich man who arrives home to a surprise party. All seems to be going well, he is surrounded by his friends, and has a loving wife. All is not as it seems however. His wife goes upstairs with another man, and Robert is understandably incensed. He punches the man and…suddenly the alarm on his watch goes off. It’s revealed that all the revellers have been hired by him. He has no real friends or family.
The video is compelling and very complex: initially we think Betsy is the victim in this scenario, but in reality, it’s Robert. As Betsy he is free to be himself and enjoy life. As Robert he has to buy his love. When all things are considered – Robert is the real prostitute.
There’s a twist at the end of the film – Robert enters naked into his dressing room and we see an array of wigs and outfits. Who knows what other lives he is living?
The film for ‘Sweat’ was directed by Jamie Thraves, best known for his work with Radiohead, Coldplay, and Sam Smith. The single ‘Sweat’ was produced by Ido Zmishlany, (Shawn Mendes, The Chainsmokers), and produced by Benny Cassette (Kanye West). The song examines the complexities of relationships, and when to get out of them.
‘Sweat’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here. You can find The All-American Rejects online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Sign up to the band’s mailing list here. AAR are currently on their ‘Dashboard Confessional’ tour, and you can find tickets and further information here.

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