#MTVSingleAF: Jedward Take Out Their First Dates

#MTVSingleAF officially started for Jedward last night, with John and Edward each taking a different girl out on a date. There was a twist – the twins chose a date for their brother, from a selection found on social media.

John chose Anastasia, a London YouTuber, as Edward’s date for the evening, while Edward chose Raffi, who has been a fan since X Factor days, as John’s.

Each twin took to Instagram with their summation of how their date went:

Make sure you visit MTVSingleAF on Instagram and comment on whether or not you think Raffi and Anastasia are the perfect matches for John and Edward!

Check out MTV’s website to read more about John and Edward’s first dates!

Jedward are flying to Stockholm, Sweden, for their next dates.

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