Lia Marie Johnson – ‘DNA’

20 year old American singer songwriter Lia Marie Johnson released her debut single in 2016. The song was a surefire success, with the video garnering over 10 million views.

YouTube sensation Lia was named one of the Top 100 You Tubers in the world. She is also an accomplished actress, and has appeared in the DreamWorks Animation, ‘Expelled’, and taken the lead in the films, ‘Terry the Tomboy’, ‘American Wrestler: The Wizard’, and the TV shows, ‘T@gged’, and, ‘The Thinning’.

‘DNA’ is a deeply personal song about her father’s battle with alcoholism, which Johnson co-wrote “DNA” with producer Howard Benson, co-producer Lenny Skolnik, and Sidnie Tipton.

The song touches on the very real subjects of alcoholism and abuse, unusual topics in most pop songs released these days.

‘DNA’ tells the haunting and chill-inducing story of patterns of physical and emotional abuse being carried through generations. Inspired by Johnson’s own life experiences, the video sees a younger version of the artist overhearing her father abusing, then leaving her mother, before flashing back to her current self in an abusive relationship. It’s a devastating but eye-opening reminder of the detrimental impact of abuse in someone’s life, and an intensely emotional watch.

‘DNA’ is a slow song, its tempo speeding up a little as it heads into the pre-chorus and chorus. The song showcases Lia’s voice, and demonstrates her sheer vocal talent.

Although relatively slow for a pop song, Lia nonetheless takes the opportunity to differentiate herself from the competition, which is what makes her song unique. The lyrics of ‘DNA’ are a good match for the emotion of her vocals.

‘DNA’ is available to download from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Find Lia Marie Johnson online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as her official website.


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  1. This is my life when dealing with my mother she is on drugs and she would abuse me and my little sister and my dad and then she left us and I been struggling. with depression and my dad just thinks im overreacting. but I know im not cause my nightmares have come but they have been gone for 5 years but most of all Im scared ill become like her.

  2. I relate to the song, because of my own father, he is an alcholic and even after my parents devorce because of that, I am still deeply attached to my father. I am afraid of becoming like him and destroying my own relationships one day, but I still love my father and never want to lose him.

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