Inma Mira – ‘Indecisión’

Once every so often an artist like Inma Mira comes along to prove that it’s possible to be a well-rounded talent. She shows with the new music video for her song, ‘Indecisión’ that she is master of all – song, dance, and stage.

Inma studied classical ballet, piano, and violin, at school in her hometown of Catalla, Alicante, Spain, before moving to Madrid, and then New York City, to study musical theatre. She has performed on the stage in ‘Cabaret’, ‘Avenue Q’, and ‘Evita’, and on screen in films ‘The Birthday’ and ‘Marisa’. Now Inma steps into the world of music video, with a captivating, intelligent, and rewarding clip for her song, ‘Indecisión’.

The video begins with Inma playing glockenspiel and singing, and the camera follows her as she moves through the park, with people handing her objects, dancing with her, providing backing vocals, and eventually, her band. She changes clothes mid-song, seamlessly moving from one scene to the next. Incredibly, the entire clip was shot in sequence, in one take. Ambitious, yes, but like everything Imma does, something she was well able to handle.

‘Indecisión’ is the first taste of Inma Mira’s forthcoming EP. You can find more about Inma Mira online on Twitter and Facebook.

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