Bentley Jones – ‘Unravelling’

Bentley Jones is a UK based singer and songwriter. He is an independent artist making his mark on the world. He has experienced a lot of success over the years, which most independent artists can only dream of. Bentley debuted in 2009, in Japan and hasn’t looked back since. 

Bentley has just recently released his new song ‘Unravelling’. Bentley has incorporated electro-pop productions with radio-friendly lyrics and talks about his struggle with acceptance, identity and grief.

The track is from Bentley’s 9th album. It is a relatively uptempo song full of meaning. We have reviewed Bentley a couple of times before and hearing ‘Unravelling’, we can tell you that Bentley has bounced back better than ever.

‘Unravelling’ is a really good song, is so different to what we are used to hearing. The video includes sign-language based choreography which works well with the song itself.

We think this is one of Bentley’s best songs, it’s powerful and meaningful and you can tell that Bentley has poured all of his emotion into the lyrics and recording the vocals.

‘Unravelling’ has been out since the 2nd of June 2017, and can be downloaded from his official website. You can also find Bentley online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +. Check out the video for ‘Unravelling’:

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